Monday, 6 August 2012


On Friday afternoon, I received a phone from Metricon that nearly made me fall off my chair at work.. lol

CSC: "Hi, not sure if anyone has contacted you or not but your requests for variations have been approved"
Me: "Excuse me? Sorry what did you just say? Wow, you're not joking right?!"

Anyway, after our first request to Metricon in mid June, and being declined more than 4 times, I am not sure who had a change of heart or what happened and I really don't care haha! It may have been the final email that we sent to everyone that we could find that mattered in Metricon but the variations have been approved (for a fee of course) and that's all that matters!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! :)

Besides that, the wrong size cladding was sent for our upstairs exterior facade and the SS expects to receive the correct size cladding this week and they hope to have all of the upstairs completed by mid next week and have organised to have the scaffolding taken down at the end of next week! Once that's all done, i assume it is then lock up stage!! Yay for next stage but boo to the next payment haha

Thanks Metricon, can't believe im going to say it but you did make my day :) (cringe)

mali :)