Monday, 25 June 2012

Frame Nearly Complete!

Well, we're nearly at frame completion stage.  And it's looking good.  Luckily our SS seems to know his stuff and has a great team of tradies to get the work done.

In saying that, we're having some issues with Metricon.  We want to do two variations (change of kitchen cabinet colour (upper ones only) and change from over mount sink in kitchen to under mount) and we're getting nowhere fast... grrrr.  Metricon is saying a resounding NO.  We've tried asking nicely, then a formal request as per the contract, then asking nicely again and all we get is NO, NO, sorry we really know you will enjoy the house but NO.  The sad thing is, the suppliers are happy to do it, and they've not even received confirmation of measurements from Metricon.

So frustrating.  Especially when the process to date has not been a great one.  We even put some feedback on their Facebook site, gotta love social media.  However, a warning to you; be mindful what you put on there.  It seems as though constructive feedback is not welcomed.  It backfired big time and now we feel like we're being targeted.  Basically they've said no changes to contract, none of our tradies allowed onsite (previously we were going to get some small changes done during build that were no issues).  Now it's no go but "we're sure you'll love where you live".  We learnt the hard way so if you want to complain, and you haven't got what you want yet, don't do it via their Facebook page.

Anyway, we've now progressed our 'request' to the GM of South East Region Victoria.  Fingers crossed that he may want to provide a really good customer experience.  We're hoping they'd rather have us praise Metricon than not.  But we're not holding our breath too much.  Next step will be to progress it further so stay tuned for more updates on that.

Meanwhile, here's some pics' of the house so far.  Most of the downstairs windows are in (except the front study corner feature) and they just need to do the second story windows.  This week should finish those off.


From the front

From the left

From the right

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Yay and Nay

Yay - The second storey of our frame has been put up and it now looks like a house! Minus the roof which we think will actually go up today :) The frame has certainly gone up quickly.. bet Metricon have already got that invoice drafted and ready to send!!

Nay - On another note, I sent our CSC an email yesterday with a few questions and she advised that after some reshuffling within the organisation, we now have another CSC.. This is number 4 and we have yet to hear from her, not even an introduction.. Surprised? Nope, have to say that communication from Metricon has been less than average!

Nay - Also, I have to ask all our readers - Variation Fees. After a random search of google, there seems to be no set price on what Metricon charge and they seem to range from $500 upwards. What is the cost that Metricon have advised you on and has anyone been successful in making an internal change without having to pay this ludicrous fee especially after all the extras they charge you??!! Any info/advice on what you changed and what prices you have been advised/charged would be much appreciated!! :)

Thank goodness for high beams and iphones ;)
mali :)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


So it has been a week since our last post.. The slab has been paid for and they have commenced putting up the frame! Yay! Went by yesterday afternoon and happy to see some tradies working hard on a public holiday at getting our frame up :) Good on ya boys!

Nothing else to update but nice to have some progress :)

Our beautiful slab!

Front Door :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

YAY - we have a slab

So its been just over a week since our last update.

Our slab was poured last Thursday morning and we received the invoice for it via email later that afternoon. Ha, at least we can count on Metricon to have that part of the building process down pat! Thank goodness the Melbourne sun was out for the next 3 days which allowed time for the slab to dry!

We had a call from our site manager yesterday to advise that the frame was delivered but due to the rain yesterday, they would try and commence that today and should take approx 2 weeks to complete - wow!! Looking forward to driving past it tonight :)

It has all definitely started now and the excitement is starting to set in and we hope that the roof and bricks commence before the real Melbourne winter weather kicks in!