Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Well today marks day 372 since we commenced building. (contract allowed 370 days)

From what we were orginally told of a realistic 8-10 months for a double storey house has now turned to over 12 months and has even exceeded the amount of days Metricon has allowed for the build.

We had our PCI last Monday and to be honest, the house was a complete mess and not even close to inspection state. To say we are disappointed in this whole process is a complete understatement and that clear disappointment is now turning into frustration and anger.

I just cannot understand what is taking them so long. Well actually, I can because our house has virtually been sitting there for more than 2 months with no work being done inside or outside. Grrrr

The renderer came back and thought he'd touch up some areas that he missed in the first place and has used a completely different shade of grey. ARGH!

Our timber floors have been completely ruined with scratches, gouges, gaps and stains all over them.

Our inspector couldn't believe that Metricon had decided to present the house to us in such an incomplete state and we both ended up walking out of the house with 5 pages of defects. 5 PAGES!!!

This experience has been what most people say about building - nothing ever goes right, it always takes longer than you expect it blah blah blah but to be honest, we had high hopes for Metricon; especially since we thought that this time round, building with a reputable builder, things would be different..

Who knows when we'll be in as they have not done anything to the house since our PCI. The house is a sea of blue tape and we are just waiting for communication from our CSC or SS.. which surprise surprise, we have not heard from. Our SS did say he hoped that all the defects would be attended to & ready for our final inspection in 3-4weeks, 1 week has passed, so we have 2-3 weeks to go.. Shall we start placing bets??

So til next time, if we're lucky, we may be in by Christmas :(