Monday, 8 April 2013

Would you believe...

That we are still waiting and have not moved in yet?!

With the hopes of moving in over Easter, they were quickly diminished when we saw no work done on our place for almost a month...

So disappointing when we're so close to end - yet so far away :(

Speaking with our SS - we are finally having our front panels replaced as they were not done correctly in the first place (I'm sure I could have told them this months ago - actually I did?!) but it seems that they have only gone as far as replacing half of what was agreed on and they have yet to paint them so at the moment - we have very ugly yellow concrete panels sheets as part of our facade..

According to our SS, he is hoping to have our place go through the QA phase towards the end of this week ready for customer presentation next week.. Fingers crossed that something does eventuate as I am quite frankly over the whole waiting process. But realistcally, I dont think we will be having our PCI for at least a few more weeks unless they have The Block contestants come in to finish everything!! :)

Mind you, it has been almost 11 months since everything started - back on Monday 14th May 2012... and I am sure we were advised it took normally 8-10 months to build a double story home with most ready for settlement at about 9 months :( ah well



  1. The waiting game sucks alright :( Lots of luck!

  2. Do they have to pay for being over the contact building days?

    1. hi there, they do have to pay you compensation but the amount is so small, its not even worth the wait :(