Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 402

Just a quick update.. as the title suggests - we are currently at day 402 into our build :( We never once imagined that we would be smack bang in the middle of winter and not yet in our home..

Anyway, there are still so many items that require attention but Metricon are hoping to have everything completed and professionally cleaned by Monday 24/06 - We've heard that before and wont be holding our breaths.

Our render has been re-rendered 3 times and looks like it may be a 4th time but we'll have to check on the weekend as by the time we get there on a week night, its pitch black!

Who knows what the progress is like on the inside but we do know that we will not be settling until every single little thing on our list has been rectified... So so disheartening :(



  1. Hi guys,
    I enjoy reading your blog as it may prepare me surprises in the future. What was your total contract price for your finished home?
    Thanks for your help