Monday, 21 May 2012

Quick update & our colour selections..

So this week started with a dream last night that our neighbours garage was built 30cm into our block - Definitely know this wasnt the case as we were at our block over the weekend - Phew but anyone else dreaming of their blocks and future neighbours? Maybe I am starting to lose my mind lol

Our electricity box has been put in and it looks like they have dug trenches and holes throughout the whole block! So much for a nice, clean cut site! Question though, do they usually cut the site larger than the actual size of the slab?

Looking forward to the slab being poured this week, fingers crossed we have some progress and the rain stays away..

Weather forecast as of today - Sunny
Tuesday - Partly cloudy
Wednesday - Rain developing
Thursday - Showers
Friday - Showers
Looks promising! :(

So as promised, here is a list of our colour selections:


Austral Urban One Bricks - Chocolate (We had originally chosen the Selkirk Blue Rain brick, but it then became discontinued, a blessing in disguise i think as the colour was not consistent from all the displays we saw)
Contrast Brick - Bluestone Splitface blocks
Render - Raku (Dark Grey)
James Hardie Cladding - Clear Concrete
Roof tiles - Boral Slimline - Ebony
Guttering/Fascia/Downpipes - Dune
Windows - Satin Black Aluminium (We originally wanted the beautiful timber window frames but after a lot of consideration, we opted for the aluminium frames as we both decided we couldn't be bothered maintaining them every year to keep them looking beautiful ;))
Garage Door - Tuscan style overhead in Monument
Front Door - Cabots Charcoal

Our bricks with the cladding and render colours above and garage and downpipes below


Ceiling and Wall paint colour - Lexicon, we have decided to have the one colour for both our ceilings and walls on recommendation by our colour consultant - apparently makes the room look bigger! We shall see..
Benchtops - Caesar stone Snow (for our kitchen, laundry, bathroom, ensuite and powder room)
Kitchen Cupboards - Colourtech White and Colourtech Black for the overhead cupboards above our cooktop
Rest of the cupboards for everywhere else - Burnished Wood Laminex
Kickers - Decometal to all except for the wet areas which are being tiled
Floorboards - Wenge - we are in love with these floorboards and cannot wait to see it laid throughout the house!
Carpet - Californian Twist, Long beach 80% wool, 20% synthetic, Catergory 4 for a decent carpet (Anyone else find that M's carpet options were pretty ordinary??!)

So there you have it, our colour selections, which took an extrodinary amount of time to get correct as our consultant had not noted down half the items we had selected, upgraded or deleted!!

And lastly, here is a photo of the gorgeous sunsets we will be privvy to from our backyard - just stunning!!

Happy Monday all and enjoy your week :)


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