Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rain rain go away

We received a call from the site manager! Woo Hoo!! Miracles do happen! He sounds like he knows his stuff and we hope that he is our saving grace to what has already been an experience to say the least.. The portaloo has been delivered and the site was cut yesterday even though it rained.. the estate is a mud haven!

Hoping that the rain stays away during the day for the next couple of weeks to allow them to set up the foundation, lay the slab, put up the frame and roof - surely we are not asking for too much right?

Well, just a short and sweet post today.. nothing else to report, have a good day and enjoy Melbourne's miserable cold weather!



  1. Good luck on the build guys. Metricon will test your patience on every level but in the end if you stick to your guns you WILL get the house/home of your dreams. (PS. the issues with building are not isolated to Metricon alone, so dont buy into others trying to make this a negative experience for you).

    Its all about the SS from here on in!

    1. Thanks Kirsten! They definitely have tested our patience already, I'm hoping the admin side was the worst side!
      We've built before and had issues (private builder) so it's not really anything new, it's just that when you're spending as much as we all spend, you expect a little better customer service & satisfaction :/

      SS seems to be good so far, though early days yet. I'm hoping the building surveyor will keep them all honest :)