Monday, 28 May 2012

Update on updates or lack thereof

So we're supposed to hear from our site manager every Friday afternoon to with an update on how the week has progressed.. Friday has come and gone and we have yet to hear from him.. Disappointing considering it is only the 2nd week since construction :( Disappointment seems to be the only constant when it comes to Metricon..

Since it rained pretty much all of last week, not much has been completed on site besides the laying of the blade piles - the laying of what I hear you ask? Piles are like screws that go into our dirt all over the block to support and strengthen our slab - Sort of looks like there are land mines everywhere!

This is a blade pile

Besides that, nothing else has happened - Melbourne's weather is predicted to be cloudy for the rest of the week with no rain - fingers crossed so the slab can progress!


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