Tuesday, 5 June 2012

YAY - we have a slab

So its been just over a week since our last update.

Our slab was poured last Thursday morning and we received the invoice for it via email later that afternoon. Ha, at least we can count on Metricon to have that part of the building process down pat! Thank goodness the Melbourne sun was out for the next 3 days which allowed time for the slab to dry!

We had a call from our site manager yesterday to advise that the frame was delivered but due to the rain yesterday, they would try and commence that today and should take approx 2 weeks to complete - wow!! Looking forward to driving past it tonight :)

It has all definitely started now and the excitement is starting to set in and we hope that the roof and bricks commence before the real Melbourne winter weather kicks in!



  1. yay!! how exciting! It feels so real when the slab goes down! Yes Metricon's invoicing department are very efficient! Look forward to some pics soon :-)

    1. Thanks Mel! Frame hasnt been put up yet though slackers haha

  2. Hi Guys,

    Just found your blog - the best of luck with your building journey.

    We're also building the Laguna Modern Facade in Melbourne but up to the tiling stage, so hopefully only a couple of months to go.

    This is the second time we're building with Metricon and have some friends who are also building with Metricon, and would be happy to share any experiences we've had so far.

    Probably get some "I survived building with Metricon" t-shirts printed :-).

    Cheers, Jay and Kasha.

    1. Hi Jay and Kasha!

      How exciting for you guys to already be at the tiling stage! Even more exciting that its the same house! Great taste ;)

      Do you have a blog following your build?

      mali :)