Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Yay and Nay

Yay - The second storey of our frame has been put up and it now looks like a house! Minus the roof which we think will actually go up today :) The frame has certainly gone up quickly.. bet Metricon have already got that invoice drafted and ready to send!!

Nay - On another note, I sent our CSC an email yesterday with a few questions and she advised that after some reshuffling within the organisation, we now have another CSC.. This is number 4 and we have yet to hear from her, not even an introduction.. Surprised? Nope, have to say that communication from Metricon has been less than average!

Nay - Also, I have to ask all our readers - Variation Fees. After a random search of google, there seems to be no set price on what Metricon charge and they seem to range from $500 upwards. What is the cost that Metricon have advised you on and has anyone been successful in making an internal change without having to pay this ludicrous fee especially after all the extras they charge you??!! Any info/advice on what you changed and what prices you have been advised/charged would be much appreciated!! :)

Thank goodness for high beams and iphones ;)
mali :)


  1. Hi guys, we haven't paid and variation fee as yet but most of the variations were due Metricon stuff ups and we have had emails and documents to prove our side of it. We have always been told the fee is a flat $1000 though.

  2. Thanks for your response guys! We have been told $2000 for any variations.. Quite steep! We haven't had to pay for any variations to date as like you guys, it hasnt been our fault! The fee seems to be very inconsistent and I'll be sure to bring that up with them! Thanks again :)

  3. Hi guys, we are in QLD, but our fees are $500 for non structural changes and $1000 for structural...in some ways I can understand in others not so much!

  4. Hi Mel,

    Thanks for that - is that during construction? We are at frame stage and they're not letting do any variation - for example we're trying to get a colour change on some of the kitchen cupboards and they're saying flat out no. Even though we're at frame stage and they haven't ordered the kitchen and won't until September!