Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bricks Have Started!

Latest update is that the bricking has started. In one day they've done the bottom third of the sides and back of the house, as well as starting on a couple of the pillars that will be rendered.

It's looking good and the brick layer reckons downstairs will be finished by the end of this week so that's exciting! Top floor is mainly the James Hardie Scyon Matrix cladding (
http://scyon.com.au/matrix.html) so that should go up pretty fast as well, depending on when they install it.

Aside from that, not much else to tell. No communications from Metricon except to say the GM we've been emailing is sick and they've passed it to someone else. You won't be surprised to learn that person hasn't emailed us either. Not too long now before the whole email trail goes up and you can see what Metricon is really like to deal with.

We'll take some more photos on the weekend and put them up for all to see.


One of the front pillars

Same pillar

Front of house

Garage side

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