Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wow - Super progress!

Exciting stuff! The brickies were on a break for the past week and only recommenced on Thursday but boy do they work fast as we received an email from our SS on Friday to advise that the bricks are now complete! According to our SS, the panels will go up this week and they are aiming for lock up stage in a fortnight! Super progress!

Now just a quick update on our situation with the email to the GM, we found out that he was away on leave so the email was forwarded onto the building manager. After 3 follow up emails and 10 days later, i received a missed call from him asking me to call him back but he didnt leave a return number...mmm hmm, gosh this company we deal with are just full of competent people!

Well it seems that after reviewing our situation and request, Metricon have again declined our request to change the colour of our kitchen cupboards and sink even when we were happy (not happy but willing) to pay the variation fee, The reason? There is no reason, its just because they can and because they do not care to live up to their mission statement!

Here are the latest photos of our house with the bricks complete!! :)

As of today Sunday 29th July 2012



  1. Wow I still can't believe they are sticking to that about your kitchen!! How frustrating!!! And disheartening, especially so early on!!!! Really feel for you guys. I asked to extend our kitchen bench to make it waterfall edge etc and they said no because supposedly they had already made the kitchen (this was at frame stage) so maybe they do make the kitchens early, but regardless it is still your prerogative to change your mind surely!!! It sounds like everything else is pumping along though which is fantastic!!

  2. Hey Mel - it is really disappointing but the most annoying is that we had spoken to both suppliers and neither of them had actually received the final purchase orders from Metricon and one was just a colour schedule change but Metricon still refused it! Ah well, not much we can do about it, it is their reputation after all!! Yours is not too far away now!! :) mali