Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Here's your next invoice

But technically, the frame stage was not yet complete! In true Metricon style, we were sent the invoice 3 days premature of the actual completion date which we are happy to announce was complete and inspected yesterday! :)

Start whinge:

Our CSC is hopeless and wouldn't know what customer service was if it hit her in the face. We had to send the accounts guy 2 emails before we even heard from our CSC to advise that the frame was now complete. Had to tell them to reissue a new invoice with the correct date which we have been advised they cannot do as their systems dont allow it but will note in our file the new due date. What the? What technology era are we in? She has yet to introduce herself or even contact us about anything without being prompted or asked. There is no apology for a response 3 days later nor is there ever an out of office.. Why do we even have a CSC since we seem to be the ones that are following up on everything? But she still had the audacity to finish her email with  "I am confident that you will enjoy the building experience as it is the time when all of your hard work during the pre site stage comes together. If you have any further questions I can be of assistance with please let me know."

Pft - Glad one of us is confident... confident my .....

Our own building surveyor inspected the frame and overall only had a few minor issues to which our SS advised wouldn't be a problem to fix.

We met with our SS today for the first time this morning and the house is coming along nicely! The bricks are due for delivery this week and they should hopefully commence bricking next week! Excitement! We forgot to take a photo whilst we were there this morning but here is one from last night, upstairs windows are in, the corner feature window and the wrapping has commenced! Sorry its a bit dark and blurry..

Now, I'm sure you are wondering how we went with our email to the GM and what the response was... Well if we had held our breath, we'd both be dead. The first email was sent back on Friday 22nd June and a follow up email followed on Tuesday 26th June. We know that he's read it as all our emails to Metricon are read receipted but have had absolutely no response. Nothing. Nudda. Frustrating much? Just plain rude. Grrr (May be replaced with whatever profanity pops into your head ;)). As we can all see, Metricon's management team lead by example.. How can they still be in business with an absolute shocker of an admin team and a GM who doesn't even have the decency to respond to an email even though he may not be able to assist? Absolutely disgusting customer service - do they even know what that is?
We have tried to be nice and we have tried to appeal their decision but they really do not care for the customer whatsoever.. So disappointing and so disheartening to know that this is the sort of service we're going to have to endure for the next 6+ months. Sigh.

End whinge.



  1. You sound like you have been having the same dramas with Metricon as us. They seem to be great until they get your deposit. We have just started building so we are hoping for this process to run more smoothly. All the best with your build. Cheers Kylie

    1. Thanks Kylie. Yep, they're definitely a pain to deal with. Sales is great, builder is great, Admin is torture. Good luck to you too.