Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Update on the Bricks

Well, the bricking is 90% complete on the ground floor, and they've even done some of the feature bricks at the front, which are looking amazing.  We've been told that scaffolding will go up this week and that the second level bricking and cladding will commence from next week. 

Progress is moving along nicely, and have had some good communication with the SS.  So no complaints.

Here's some quick pics for you, and we'll update you next week.

Front of house with feature bricks

Close up of feature bricks


  1. Those feature bricks are to die for!!! It looks sensational :) Kirst

  2. Thanks Kirst! We were so nervous as they couldnt provide us with an address of where someone else had used them but we are so happy with how they look! Ps. Thank you for putting up the place of where you're getting your dining table made - we're getting a quote too! Mali :)

  3. It is looking great - that is so exciting to see it going up! Would you mind sharing what brick colour and tile colour/profile you chose. We have to finalize ours next week and are interested to see what combinations people have gone with. It's hard to choose when we don't have expertise in colour matching etc!

    1. Thanks Helen - our bricks are Austral Urban Chocolate, details of all our selected colours etc are in a post in May (Quick Update & Colour Selections) hope that helps! Mali :)